Monday, 25 November 2013

A Fashion Stylist in Chennai's Park Hyatt:

I might not look like a conventional business traveller but I can be more demanding than one. I discovered this last week when I stayed at the Park Hyatt Chennai. Here, I experienced more of the hotel facets than I thought I would. Even though you don't really spend too much time there, a hotel that makes you feel like you have a home to go back to, and takes care of smaller but important requirements to smoothen your busy days, is in my opinion a place you will definitely want to come back to.

Me, my stylist Aakanksha and 6 large suitcases in tow check in late one night only to have a very early start the next day. A good breakfast and a good night's sleep can either make or break the rest of the day. The latter could not make up for the hours of sleep I would have ideally liked but it was a good start nevertheless. Again, the quality of fruit on a breakfast spread and the fresh juice served determines the rest of the meal, and this one did not disappoint. It was hearty even for a vegetarian like me.

Excess baggage for me is money down the drain and to economise I decide to courier the first days looks back home. Special mention to the duty manager who not only provided packing material but also gave me a choice of 3 excellent services to choose from AND tracked the package the day after it was sent. These were expensive clothes and making sure they reach back home was very important!

Special home cooked meals are very important to me. And the chefs from both the dining area and "The Flying Elephant" - famed multi cuisine restaurant, cooked up special dinner menus to suit my dietary restrictions. All was well until Aakansha, who ordered a vegetarian version of Nasi Goreng, a highly recommended malay dish, finds that's its all delicious and vegetarian except for a few pieces of chicken thrown in as a bonus. Under the watchful eye of a statue of the reclining Lord Ganesha amidst a pond of water lilies we decide to let this pass and enjoy the rest of the meal. The fresh juices helped in calming her nerves!

Not something we would like to but Aakanksha's unexpected viral fever made us experience the hotel doctors too! Like all shoots this was eventful, hectic and memorable, signing off until the next time where I hope to find the time to experience the hotel spa too!

Ami Patel

My favourite piece of art in the hotel.

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