Saturday, 30 November 2013

"The Tejpal effect"


Theory that everything matters. That even the flutter of a butterfly's wings can cause a hurricane on the otherside of the world. If you change even the smallest of life's details, you completely change its outcome.


Seated in the middle seat of a flight a few days ago, the man on my left nudged his elbows into me more than 7 times. After which I politely asked him to keep to his seat. A mumbled "I am sorry" is a response I would have expected. Instead he held both his hands up in the air with a fearful expression on his face. Almost saying 'I haven't done anything." A very unexpected reaction I thought to myself.
I see this effect continuing in the future and more women coming out and speaking about injustices done to them and men more cautious about their actions.


However this is not about feminism at all. In the larger picture this is about the humankind in general. As a Sahaj Samadhi meditation teacher I bring the #butterflyeffect up in my courses all the time. If something as small as the flapping of a butterfly's wings in one part of the world can create a typhoon in another part, imagine what responsibility we hold with our words and actions! Spiritual practices like these smoothen our communication. It turns a reaction into a response, a frown into a smile that goes on to multiply more than a thousand fold.
The effect: Men and women with deeper human values and respect for everyone and everything on this planet.


Monday, 25 November 2013

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

5 secrets that just spilled out of my styling kit:

Be it the red carpet, a soiree or a cocktail party here are 5 must haves from my styling kit that you should all have. It's like a first aid kit to make you feel more confident and beautiful than you already are. Like they say "a stitch in time saves nine", but in today's times you need more than just a simple needle and thread to save the day.

1. Spanx: Spanx is the original brand that started this "get a size smaller and smoothen unwanted bumps" movement. But today you can get this in other brands too with updated innovations, just make sure you buy an original and not a roadside fake.

2. Stick on cups: Great for backless and low back outfits. Again, the best I've encountered are the ones available in Selfridges in London, but any thing that works for you is fine.

3. Stylist tape: This invisible tape comes in handy for sticking the outfit to your body. Discreetly helps conceal what you need to.

4. Instant stain remover: It's a quick fix laundry for make up stains, food, or any stain under the sun. Quick to dry and easy to use. A God sent when you really need it!

5. Mini travelling steamer: Get your maid to carefully swipe this on the small creases just before you leave the house. It's the size of a large hair dryer, so you can carry this to a destination wedding or wherever you go.

Make this small kit for your self and keep it handy when you get dressed. Also make sure you have the good old needle, thread and safety pins too. Of course needless to say, paste that smile on when you walk out of your home and into the night, it will take care of any slip ups and enhance your presence 10 to the scale of 10.

Friday, 8 November 2013

5 things you should know about Atosa: One of Mumbai's favourite fashion stores.

1. Azmina and @aparnabadlani the founders don't believe in giving their clothes out to shoots! It's important that we sell brand new unworn clothes to our customers. We owe that to them they say.
2. They have managed to change the style quotient amongst ladies in Bandra. Less bling and understated style over showing off at parties now thanks to them.
3. The accessories they hand pick are high on style and easy on the pocket. For example the necklace from Outhouse below is about a 100 USD. Hard to beat!
4. It's more than just shopping. More often than not you also get personal style advice from Aparna and Azmina themselves.
5. Lastly watch out for a special trunk show with 200 pieces with Abraham and Thakore on the 14th of November.

Outhouse necklace

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Work of style

The brief from @lofficielIndia - A casual look

My drawing board - New York fashion week was just over. And NYFW street style ruled my mind! All the NYFW street style looks had that summer just going into fall look, very casual but yet super edgy.

The process:
Time - 10pm the day before the shoot. We start by neatly laying out the shoes in one corner. The accessories go on a table or the floor. The clothes on a rack and extra clothes piled up on chairs. That done, you pick that one piece that you want to work the entire look around. 

For me it was undoubtedly the Fendi pants. And my assistant Dhruv was rooting for the Dhruv Kapoor waistcoat. I try the look on, we throw in an Hermes cuff and a pair of black Christian Loubutin Decolette pumps. Both Dhruv and me would have preferred the black ankle strap heels that Rihanna had made so famous, and coincidentally nicknamed "The Rihanna shoes" by the both of us!
For the final look we changed the accessory by adding a layer of the graphic Marni necklace instead and opened up the waist coat with a Cue V neck inside and finally topped the look with a Miss en Dior earring.
And Voila, The Look was complete!
The most important ingredient that Jacqueline added to the look was "Pizzaz". Thats what made her own the look!

Do drop me a line with your feedback. Would love to know...

Friday, 1 November 2013


Finally starting something that I've planned to for so long! My life as a fashion stylist seems very ordinary to me. It's everyday stuff. But to most people it's a dream life and a fascination. I get asked a zillion questions on how it all works, and the behind the scenes footage on TV does not quite do justice to the reality of it all. I absolutely love what I do and have decided to share this with all those that want to know more. And what better way than this!
Welcome to my journey. Walk err Blog with me and see where it takes you...